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* Praktica
* Praktica
* Praktica MX
* Praktica MX
* Praktica FX
* [[Praktica FX]]
* Praktica "Modell III" (FX2)
* Praktica "Modell III" (FX2)
* [[Praktica F.X 2]]
* [[Praktica F.X 2]]

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Praktica started as the name of a model of 35mm SLR from KW, introduced in 1949 and successor to the Praktiflex.

It became a long-lasting series of SLRs produced by KW and then by Pentacon. The last Praktica produced was the BX20s, discontinued in 2001.

For other Praktica products, like compact cameras, 120 rollfilm cameras or digital products, please refer to the Pentacon pages.

List of Praktica 35mm SLRs


Praktica / MX / FX

Praktica IV / V

Praktica nova

Praktica PL nova

1st L-series generation

2nd L-series generation

3rd L-series generation

4th L-series generation

Praktica B-series

Praktica BX-series


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  3. image of Praktica PLC 3 by bottledog (Image rights)
  4. image of Praktica MTL 5 by Martin Taylor (Image rights)
  5. image of Praktica BCS by Uwe Kulick (Image rights)