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{{Praktica SLRs}}
{{Praktica SLRs}}
== References ==
== Links ==
== Links ==
* [http://www.praktica-collector.de/ praktica-collector.de, all about Praktica]
* [http://www.praktica-collector.de/ praktica-collector.de, all about Praktica]

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Praktica started as the name of a model of 35mm SLR from KW, introduced in 1949 and successor to the Praktiflex.

It became a long-lasting series of SLRs produced by KW and then by Pentacon. The last Praktica produced was the BX20s, discontinued in 2001.

List of Praktica 35mm SLRs

Praktica IV / V

Praktica nova

Praktica PL nova

1st L-series generation

2nd L-series generation

3rd L-series generation

4th L-series generation

Praktica B-series

Praktica BX-series

  • Praktica BX20
  • Praktica BX 10 DX
  • Praktica BX 21 DX
  • Praktica BX 20s


  1. image of Praktica nova by bottledog (Image rights)
  2. image of Praktica PLC 3 by bottledog (Image rights)
  3. image of Praktica MTL 5 by Martin Taylor (Image rights)
  4. image of Praktica BCS by Uwe Kulick (Image rights)