Porst 135 KE

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The Porst 135 KE is a 35mm compact camera distributed in Germany by Porst in 1981. It was also sold as the Carena EF 250, Keystone Everflash 3590 and the Eumig UC 35. The camera was manufactured in Japan by Makina Optical as the Makinon MK-II.

It uses PORST color f/5,6 38mm lens, protected by barn door style lens cover. Once the lens is uncovered, it retracts outward. It uses a CdS based metering system. The film speed can be set at 100ISO and 400ISO. There is a built-in electronic flash, that swings out instead of the more common pop up design. A screw in cable release can be used for the shutter button. The film is advanced with a thumb wheel while rewinding is with a pull out crank.