Polaroid One Step Flash (Close Up)

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The One Step Flash Close Up was a model in the second wave of Polaroid's 600 series. Not only did it have an integral flash like the square-cornered Polaroid One Step Flash, but it also had a close-up lens. This consisted of a small piece of transparent plastic that slid in front of the main lens to enable closer focusing.


  • Lens: 116mm, f/11, Single-element plastic.
  • Fixed focus (sharpest at 4-5 feet), but with sliding close-up attachment.
  • Shutter: electronic; automatic speed between 1/4-1/200 sec.
  • Integral auto flash that works in low light
    (triggered when using the main shutter button. A secondary button behind the main shutter allowed operation without triggering the flash; labeled "Non-flash button" in the instructions).
  • Polaroid's Light Management System (the darken/lighten exposure correction slider).

Functionally equivalent models

Originally in black, international variants in other colours were also available. Some featured additional promotional branding.

  • Polaroid 600 BE (Business Edition) (Black. Also branded with 'Peachtree Project Recorder'; Red & black with 'State Farm Insurance')
  • Polaroid 650 (Black, with blue or red shutter button)
  • Polaroid ADT (Blue & black with 'ADT Security Systems, red shutter button)
  • Polaroid CoolCam 600 Close-Up (Pink on grey; red on black; yellow on black;)
  • Polaroid EMS Photo System (Orange, with blue logo)
  • Polaroid Job Pro (The Construction Camera) (yellow on black)
  • Polaroid McDonalds (yellow and red on black)
  • Polaroid Party (blue with yellow details; pale and dark green)
  • Polaroid PEP Educator Edition (black with 'Polaroid Education Program' logo)
  • Polaroid Portfolio (as above)
  • Polaroid Planum (Gold)
  • Polaroid Spirit 600 CL (Promo model, available with 'Adidas Styles', 'Fiat', '10 SSC', 'Nankai' logos on back or 'Krema', 'Tropico', 'Yamaha' logos on front)
  • Polaroid Sportcam (like Job Pro)
  • Polaroid Sun 645 CL
  • Polaroid Sun 650 (Like Sun 645 CL)
  • Polaroid Sun 650 SE (As above, but blue button)
  • Polaroid Supercolor 635CL (Multiple colours. One model marked 'Made in CCCP', another has 'Bank of Austria' logo)
  • Polaroid Supercolor 635CL Jubilee (Black, with 'Jubilee' logo)
  • Polaroid Supercolor 645 CL (Red & black)
  • Polaroid The Fun Time Camera (Yellow on black)