Polaroid Land Camera 185 (2000)

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This article covers the 2000 limited edition Model 185 from Polaroid, Japan. Please see Polaroid Land Camera 185 for the 1970s model, identified by a folding, metal Zeiss viewfinder and Mamiya Sekor lens.

In 2000, the Japanese subsidiary of Polaroid offered a limited edition Polaroid Model 185. This was clearly a nod in the direction of Polaroid's classic "pro" folding cameras for peel-apart packfilm dating from 30 years earlier, such as the Model 180, 185, 190, and 195. Even the lens matched the original model 180, a 114mm f/4.5 Tominon lens by Tomioka. As with all Polaroid models using 3¼×4¼" instant film, compatible film packs from Fujifilm may be used in the camera.

Unlike the vintage 180-195 models, this camera has a non-folding viewfinder unit, with a separate rangefinder eyepiece. This is because the body is based on the NPC 195, manufactured by NPC of Newton, Massachusetts, USA. But the limited-edition 185 includes nameplate typography and a lens-cap logo evoking the graphic design of Polaroid's earlier heyday. A small brass plaque alongside the viewfinder housing is engraved with the serial number of each camera.

The production run for this model was quite small, often stated as 2000 units; but perhaps only 500 were actually completed[1].