Polaroid Big Shot

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The Big Shot was one of the most unique cameras Polaroid ever introduced. It was designed for portrait use only, and had a fixed focal distance of a few feet. It had a 220mm lens, making it one of the largest instant cameras,a single-speed mechanical shutter, and a fixed-focus rangefinder to help the photographer keep the subject in focus.

Because the camera itself is fixed-focus, the photographer has to move back and forth until the subject appears in focus. This technique has been called the "Big Shot Shuffle." The Big Shot also requires the use of MagiCube type flash cubes to take properly-exposed pictures. It can be loaded with ASA 80-100 Packfilms to good results.

Famed artist Andy Warhol was purportedly fond of this camera in particular, and today it has a cult status among Polaroid cameras for its eccentricity.