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The Pocket Kodak is a small leather-covered wooden box camera made from 1895 to 1900. It used the No.102 roll film that was specially made for it with a spool that had ratchet teeth on one end. Image size was 35×50mm. The camera came from the factory with one 12 exposure roll loaded, but not threaded ready for use. The Tisdell sector shutter has a single lever for cocking and firing the shutter, later changed to a rotary shutter. The reflecting viewfinder shows a circular image, changed to a rectangle in 1896 (Pocket Kodak '96 model). Early cameras had red leather covering, later ones black leather.

The camera could also be used with plates and it had to be loaded and unloaded in the dark. The false back was slid out and a single metal plate-holder was inserted in its place.

Four variations are listed in Coe [1] and McKeown. [2]


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