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Plavic [PLAnchon VICtor] is a brand name under which Victor Planchon, owner of the Planchon Cellulose Corporation in Lyon (France) distributed cameras (made by other manufacturers) to augment his own business of cellulose films (and possibly also printing papers and photographic chemicals). The company, which operated from 1919 to about 1930,[1] used the brand names of

  • Plavic for its
  • Plavicos for its
    • shutters, usually manufactured by Gitzo


Plate Cameras

Rollfilm cameras

  • Série A30 ( 6x9)
  • Série B
  • Série C
  • Série E
  • Plavic folder E38
  • Plavico box
  • Plavic Passe Partout 5x7.5 folder
  • Plavic Pliant IB
  • Plavic Pliant 6.5x11 116 roll film folder
  • Plavic Pliant 6x9 roll film folder


In French :

Notes & References

  1. Catalogue Photo-Plait 1919