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Photoflex was a name used by Taiyōdō Kōki K.K. to rebadge a few of its Beauty cameras. Rebadged equipment is based on a parent camera but the name is changed so that the camera can be sold by another company in different markets. TTK made two Photoflex 6x6 TLRs.

Photoflex (early)

This is a Beauty Flex V, and for all practical purposes identical to that model. The taking lens was Doimer 80mm f3.5. The shutter was an Etoal 1 to 1/200.

Photoflex (late)

This is a rebadged Beautyflex D (Synchro shutter model). The taking lens is Biokor 80mm f3.5. The viewing lens is a Tri-Lausar. The shutter is Synchro MX 1 to 1/300.

TKK Photoflex models bear the additional logo of "SCL" in the style of the TKK logo on Beauty cameras (inside a rounded triangle on the viewfinder lid), but what the initials represent is unknown, as is the region in which Photoflex models were sold.

It seems that other manufacturers may have also made SCL Photoflex branded cameras, as three examples with an NKS-FB shutter, and matched 7.5cm f/3.5 Elnor Anastigmat lenses can be found at Worthpoint. These lenses are not a typical Taiyōdō focal length, and appear to be very similar to the Musashi Gnoflex and other Tokyo Kogaku (Tokyo Optical Company) models (such as the Primoflex and Topcoflex), who were known to be closely associated and favoured 75mm lenses.

It is this sharing of a name that suggests the models were not rebrands (made for Taiyōdō Kōki to sell themselves): for example Taiyōdō made the Fodorflex for Fodor, while Tokyo Optical Optical Company made the Fodorflex II.