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Phenix was founded in 1965. It became one of the large state-owned optical companies of China. It makes a panorama camera and several SLR cameras for different lens mounts, some with shutters of Seikosha and Copal.



  • Phenix DC20 (Minolta SR/MC/NON-MD mount)
  • Braun SR2000 (same as the Phenix DC901)
  • Phenix DC303N (Pentax K bayonet, Copal shutter)
  • Phenix DC500 (Minolta SR/NON-MC/NON-MD mount)
  • Phenix DC505 (Minolta SR/NON-MC/NON-MD mount)
  • Phenix DC700 (Minolta SR/MC/NON-MD mount)
  • Phenix DC701 (Minolta SR/MC/NON-MD mount, Seiko shutter)
  • Phenix DC828M (Pentax K mount)
  • Phenix DC888KW (Pentax K mount)
  • Phenix DC900 (Minolta SR/MC/NON-MD mount)
  • Phenix DC901 (Minolta SR/MC/NON-MD mount, Copal shutter)
  • Phenix DN60 (Nikon bayonet, Copal shutter)
  • Phenix EK180

Phenix produced a 50mm f1.7, a 24mm f2.8, and a 28-70mm f3.4/4.8 zoom lens (probably others too).



  • Phenix PH 628D zoom
  • Phenix PH 280D (Phenix Mini)

Panorama cameras