Pentax Espio 80

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The Espio 80 is a full automatic multi-af camera for 35mm film by Pentax. It was also sold as the IQZoom 835.

The lens is a 35 to 80mm f/4.1-8.7. The user only has control over the flash modes, which includes a red-eye reduction mode. Zooming is controlled by a knob that can be operated by the thumb of the photographer. Everything else like aperture, shutter, film transport and rewind are automated. The various modes include Auto, daylight sync, no flash slow shutter, flash slow shutter, no flash bulb, and flash bulb.

The viewfinder's diopter is adjustable and there is a small P (panorama) button at the back. This cuts of upper and lower section of the frame to create a panorama view, the effect can be seen through the viewfinder. The zooming finder also has marks compensating for distances below 1m. DX coded film is strongly recommended as non-coded film defaults to ISO 25. It takes a CR123A battery. The body weights 236grs with battery, size: 125x66x40mm.

A date model is also available that can imprint data such as Y/M/D, D/H/M, M/D/Y and D/M/Y. A year of up to 2030 is possible.