Pentax Espio 70

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The Espio 70 is a full automatic auto focus camera for 35mm film by Pentax. Part of the Pentax Espio IQZoom series. Various versions include the Espio P and IQZoom 735.

The lens is a 35 to 70mm f/4.3-8. Various exposure modes include auto, daylight sync, flash-off, slow sync, backlight, bulb and bulb sync. There are various self-timer modes, including a two shot and a tele-wide mode. DX coded film is strongly recommended as non-coded film defaults to ISO 25. It takes one CR123A battery and can last approx 15 rolls (24ex, half flash). The body weights 235 grams without battery, size: 122 x 66 x 40mm.

A date model is also available that can imprint data such as Y/M/D, D/H/M, M/D/Y and D/M/Y. A year of up to 2019 is possible.