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Template:127 Japan The Peacock was a Japanese 3x4 camera. In McKeown and other sources, it is called Peacock III, and it is said that it was made by a company named Tôyô Kogaku (most probably 東洋光学), abreviated Tôkô (東光). However all the other cameras attributed to Toyo Kogaku in McKeown were in fact made by Toko (Tôkô Shashin, 東興写真).

It was a straightforward rigid body, with tubular optical finder. Lens and shutter assembly was mounted on a telescopic tube. and there was a body release at the right of the viewfinder.

It has been observed with a Peacock Anastigmat Ortoscop 50/6.3 fixfocus lens on a T-B-100-50-25-10 shutter marked Peacock (at a Yahoo Japan auction). It is pictured in McKeown with no body release and with a Recta Anastigmat 50/3.5 front-cell focusing lens and a T-B-1-300 shutter, reported to be a New Alfa.