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The Palmcam PV-DC1000 is a early digital camera from Panasonic released in 1997.

The lens is a 55mm equilivant f/3.8 lens with a focusing distance of 0.7m to infinity. A macro mode is on the left side of the body that will decrease the focus distance to approx 8cm. It uses a 1/4" CCD 350,000 pixel sensor. There is 2MB of internal memory which can store 16 photos in JPEG format in 640 x 480 pixel with super fine mode, and 32 in fine mode. A normal mode of 320 x 240 pixels is also offered that allows for 96 images.

There is no optical finder so the 1.8" TFT colour LCD display is used. It is powered by 2x AA batteries, but can also use a rechargeable Ni-Cad PV-BPN10 battery. The camera includes a docking station that allow battery charging, viewing of photos on a television and transferring of photos to a computer. The docking station uses a RS232 serial interface with the ability to connect to windows computers via D-SUB 9-pin, or to a Macintosh with a D-SUB 9-pin to Din-8 adapter.