Panasonic C-625AF Super Mini

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This small, lightweight compact camera by Panasonic dates from around 1991. It has autofocus and a couple of flash modes, but it would be of little interest if it weren't for the fact that it is a close cousin of the Leica Mini. With a glass lens allegedly manufactured by Minolta and electronics by Matsushita, this camera was also marketed as the Minolta Freedom Escort and Minolta Riva Mini. The lens is very sharp for such an unassuming little camera.


  • Lens: 34mm, f/3.5 (four elements in three groups) which slides out and retracts electronically but has no zooming capability.
  • Built-in flash has auto, red-eye reduction and forced on/off modes.
  • DX-coded film with autowind.
  • Power: CR123A battery.