Panasonic C-535AF

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The Panasonic C-535AF is a simple autofocus compact camera for 35mm film.

It's an all automatic camera with no variable settings to influence the exposure. A version with databack is also available, the C-D535AF.

Specifications (from Panasonic manual):

  • 32mm f/4.5 lens, 3 elements.
  • autofocus from 1.2 mtrs to infinity
  • automatic flash, switchover at appr. below EV10
  • optional use of red-eye reduction
  • Albada type bright-frame finder
  • panorama switch, which crops the frame to a wider perspective
  • DX Encoding, limited to 100 or 400 ISO
  • motorized film transport and rewind
  • takes 2 AA batteries (no rechargeables)
  • size: 123 x 44 x 71 mm
  • weight: 180gr. (empty)