Orion (6×6)

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Japanese Six (6×6)
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See also the various other Orion.

The Orion is an inexpensive metal camera taking 6×6cm exposures on 120 film. It was made in Japan, perhaps in the 1950s.


The Orion has a rigid metal body. The viewfinder is contained in the middle of the top cover. The name Orion is engraved above. The film is advanced by a knob at the left end (as seen by the photographer), and there is an accessory shoe on the right end. The back is hinged to the right and is locked by a sliding bar on the left. The film advance is controlled by a single red window in the back, protected by a horizontally sliding cover. The words MADE IN JAPAN are inscribed on the baseplate in tiny lettering.

There are two levers on the side of the lens barrel, certainly to trip the shutter and to switch from Bulb to Instant exposures. The lens is certainly a plain meniscus. The bezel is engraved ORION at the top and ORION CAMERA., CO. at the bottom.

The camera comes in a blue cardboard box.[1] The sticker is labeled Orion CAMERA and has a logo, consisting of the letter O on a concave lens scheme, with three stars above and the name ORION written below.


  1. Box observed in an online auction.