Olympus iS-2000 (QD/DLX), aka iS-2 and L-2000

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The Olympus iS-2000 was introduced in 1991. The beginning of the SLR single lens zoom cameras.

Main features

  • Built-in 35mm ~ 135mm approx. 4X zoom lens for increased shooting range.
  • Full-fledged macro functions include Zoom Macro for subjects as close as 0.6 m (2 ft), Super Macro for subjects as close as 0.39 m (1.3 ft), and 1:1 Macroª which captures life-size images of small subjects on film.
  • ED (extraordinary dispersion) glass is used in the lens, achieving crisp, clear images with high contrast.
  • The standard shooting mode lets anyone take beautiful pictures easily.
  • Panorama photographs are possible when the optional panorama adapter is attached.
  • Other various easy-to-use functions include versatile flash, subject, drive, and exposure modes and more.

ª The optional IS/L LENS A-LIFE SIZE MACRO H.Q. CONVERTER f=13cm is required

Viewfinder display / LCD panel

The information both in the viewfinder and in the LCD panel are very comprehensive, as displayed in the following image


Gallery images