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[[Category: 35mm SLR cameras]]
[[Category: 35mm SLR cameras]]
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The OM2000 was the last OM body released by Olympus, in 1997. It is a body made by Cosina with an OM lens mount. For that reason, many Olympus fans do not consider it a true OM body.

The OM2000 is compatible with all the Olympus OM lenses, and accessories attached to the finder. Everything else, from winders or motor drives to finder screens or databacks is NOT compatible with this camera. The 2000 is also missing the OM's distinctive feature, the shutter speed ring around the bayonet mount: on the OM2000 the shutter speed knob is on the top plate of the camera.

Despite all this, the OM2000 is an economical way to use the OM lenses. It has a mechanical shutter and manual exposure with a spot meter, a top speed of 1/2000 and a flash sync speed of 1/125.

It was only released in black.


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