Olympus AFL & AFL-S

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The Olympus AFL Quick Flash series of 35mm compact cameras were some of the first mass-produced autofocus cameras manufactured by Olympus and were so advanced for their time that they were priced almost as highly as SLRs.

The original AFL (1984) has a 38mm f/2.8 lens (4 elements in 3 groups) and a built-in flash that recharged in just 1.5 seconds. It was nicknamed "Picasso" in Japan and was one of the first cameras to use a non-replaceable lithium battery.

The AFL-S (1986) added DX-decoding. The S stood for "standard" and an auxiliary telephoto attachment was available. The battery this time was a replaceable 6V lithium.

The AFL-T is discussed in an article of its own.

Common to all three models:

  • Autofocus.
  • Automatic exposure.
  • Quickly recharging flash.
  • Shutter speeds from 1/8-1/500s.
  • Self-timer.
  • Tripod socket.