Nikon Zoom 700 VR/Zoom-Touch 105 VR

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The Nikon Zoom 700 VR, also known as the Zoom•Touch 105 VR 35mm compact camera was introduced by Nikon in 1994 - part of a series of similar cameras.

This camera was also produced with a Quartz Date function, the Nikon Zoom 700 VR QD, also known as the Zoom-Touch 105 VR QD. The QD model also added a Panorama function which enabled taking images with a size of 13 x 36mm.

The VR stands for the optical Vibration reduction feature. Nikon claims that this camera was "World’s First Compact with Vibration Reduction for Enhanced Sharpness".

  • Lens : Nikon Zoom Lens 38-105mm f/4-7.8 Macro
  • Dimensions : ??? x ?? x ??mm
  • Weight : ???g
  • Battery : Two 3V CR123A (or DL123) lithium battery