Nikon Coolpix P1 & P2

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The Coolpix P1 and Coolpix P2 are compact digital cameras announced by Japanese manufacturer Nikon at the end of 2005. It was replace months later with the Nikon Coolpix P3 & P4.

Both cameras are based on the same body and share similar features. The major difference is the P1 uses a 1/1.8" 8 megapixel CCD sensor, while the P2 uses the same size sensor but based on a 5 megapixel design. The main feature of the cameras was the use of wireless 802.11 WiFi for transmitting the photos to a computer.

The lens uses a 36 - 126 mm (35mm equivalent) 3x optical zoom with a aperture of f/2.7 to 5.2. A 110,000 pixels 2.5 inch TFT LCD screen is available. Both cameras have internal memory 32 MB for the P1 and 16 MB for the P2. Removable storage is with SD card. Power is with a EN-EL8 rechargeable battery.