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===[[Leica]] copies===
===[[Leica]] copies===

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The Nicca Camera Co. Ltd. started as the optical workshop Kogaku Seiki Co. in 1940, founded by former employees of Canon. Its first camera, the Nippon, a close copy of the Leica rangefinder camera, was produced in 1942.

In 1948, the company changed its name to the Nippon Camera Works, and a year later, to the Nicca Camera Works. It continued to build Leica-type rangefinder cameras, adding such features as flash synchronization, lever wind, a hinged film back, and projected viewfinder framing. Nicca also made cameras for Sears under the Tower name.

In 1958, the company was acquired by Yashica, who manufactured and re-labeled the Nicca-33 and III-L as the Yashica YE and YF respectively.



Leica copies

  • Tower Type 3 (Leica III-copy for Sears & Roebuck, 1949)
  • Nicca IIIB (Leica III-copy, 1951)
  • Nicca IIIS (Leica III-copy, 1952)
  • Nicca Type MS
  • Nicca Type 4
  • Nicca Type 5
  • Yashica YF Nicca (Leica M3-copy)