Mundus Color 65

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The Color 65 is a subminiature camera made by the French company Mundus in the mid-1970s,[1] though the style of the camera, especially the crackle-finish paint, and the lens mounted in an old-style leaf shutter, suggest a rather earlier date. The Color 65 replaced the Color 60, and McKeown states that it is almost identical to that camera, but with a slightly longer lens; it has a 25mm f/2.8 Roussel lens instead of the earlier camera's 20mm one.[1] An advert reproduced at Collection Appareils offers interchangeable elnses from Roussel and Berthiot of lengths 20, 25, 40 and 50mm in any case.[2] The shutter is a flash-synchronised ATOS 2, giving speeds 1-1/300 second, plus 'B',[2] which is cocked automatically when advancing the film.

McKeown states that the camera makes 8x14mm images on standard-8 cine film; advertisements (for the Color 60 and the Color 65) reproduced at Collection Appareils give the format as 10x15mm or 10x16mm.[1][2] The shape of the camera strongly recalls a cine camera. In fact, the notes on the camera at Collection Appareils describe it as a cine camera without the film-advancement mechanism, and with a still-camera shutter added.[2] Collection Appareils shows an example with black paint, and a black-and-white design behind the film advance lever.

The camera makes at least 300 images on a roll of cine film. It focuses rather close; well below a metre. It seems likely that many of these cameras were used in the production of educational lecture-slides, for photographing documents, etc.


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