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Mundus was, from shortly after the Second World War, the maker of a series of subminiature cameras for still photographs on cine film, and the maker of accessories such as projectors, slide-mounts, etc.

The company was at first Ateliers Mundus (Mundus Studios or Workshops). Early products included the Cine At Home, a viewer for still images on rolls of 16mm cine film (that is, it lets the user view one frame at a time, advancing the roll by hand), described by Mundus as 'le Cinéma de poche'. This, almost a toy by itself, can be adapted to serve as the film-holder in Mundus' Scout projector.[1] Mundus made a small camera for 50-exposure rolls, the Mundus Camerette, in which a single crank handle on the side both advanced the film and released the shutter. Pictures from the Camerette could then be viewed with the Cine At Home or projected with the Scout.

Mundus also published rolls of images for the Cine At Home, with a mixture of educational and entertaining subjects: Collection Appareils shows a catalogue of these from 1948.[2] The company address is given as 77 Avenue Parmentier, close to the Place de la République.

A brochure of 1953 introduces the Mundus Color, and also gives this name for the company itself, at the same address. At some time however, Mundus moved (a couple of streets) to 71 Bvd Voltaire. The Mundus Color is also a still camera for 16mm cine film, but now in bigger rolls.



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