Miranda dx-3

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The dx-3 is a 35mm SLR camera from Miranda released in 1975. It along with the EE-2 is one of the last cameras they manufactured and was discontinued a year later.

The standard lens for this camera is the Miranda Auto EC 50mm f/1.8 or a f/1.4 version. It has a electronic focal plane shutter with speeds from 4s to 1/1000. Flash sync is at 1/60 a sec. The self-timer has a delay of approx 8 sec. A blinking light on the front of the body. The timer switch design was not the best and many examples of which are broken.

The dx-3 features a center-weighted TTL metering system with CdS type sensor. The meter is activated by half pressing the shutter release. It has a range of 2 to 18 EV at (ASA 100), and can be set for film speeds from 25 to 1600 ASA. The viewfinder displays correct, over and under exposure LED's on the bottom, aperture settings to the right and shutter speeds to the left. The viewfinder focusing screen comprises a central micro-prism spot, surrounded by a micro-prism ring, and the effect of this is like a two-way split screen. When the camera is out of focus, the central part of the image misaligns on both the horizontal and vertical planes. This system was patented by Miranda, and named the Quadrascopic Image System (QIS) rangefinder. The film transport uses a manual film advance lever. It is powered by four 1.5v SR44 batteries.