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Miranda launched the Sensorex in September 1966.[1] It replaced the Automex III and was Miranda's top of the line model. It has match-needle, full open-aperture metering and interchangeable viewfinders. It has a wheel on the front side to adjust to the metering system to the widest aperture of each attached lens. Early camera bodies had a removable back for a projected motor drive (which never materialized). The camera was discontinued in 1971 and replaced with the Sensorex II.

Meter cells are located behind unsilvered lines on the reflex mirror.[2] The interchangeable viewfinder on the Sensorex is removed by sliding a small knob on the rear of the camera, next to the battery housing. Several viewfinders were made, and the camera is fully functional with the viewfinder removed, allowing a top down view straight onto the viewing screen[3].


  1. Date: p.29 of Kurashikku Kamera Senka no.64 (special issue on Miranda).
  2. For the initial few years the metering pattern was a central spot; but the manual linked below and later examples indicate a wider, bottom-weighted pattern (Sensorex example from Simon Hawketts).
  3. This is not recommended, since stray light entering via the view-screen can result in under-exposure; the use of made-for-purpose Miranda hooded waist-level finders is recommended.


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