Minolta Vectis S-1

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The MINOLTA Vectis S-1 was one of the two SLR camera bodies made by Minolta for the APS film system. For these autofocus SLRs a complete new set of autofocus lenses had been developped, the V-lenses, three constant focal length lenses (17mm, 50mm macro, and 400mm) and a variety of zoom lenses. The camera had all the functions of SLR cameras of its time: manual modes for aperture, shutter speed, flash and focusing, fully automatic operation mode, different programmed modes for portrait, landscape, sports, macro and night, choice of automatic focusing modes. In addition it had all the extra functions available for APS film. An optional infrared remote shutter-release control device had been available. The viewfinder image was not projected through a prisma but through a mirror construction. So the viewfinder was placed at the left side of the camera's back. The camera body was manufactured in Malaysia.