Minolta Riva Zoom 140

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The Minolta Riva Zoom 140 is a small compact camera, fully automated, for 35mm film, made in China in 2001.

This model has a very smart autofocus system with 3 different user settings: Area AF, Spot AF and Target AF. In the Area AF mode it automatically selects the objects nearest to the lens, even if they are off center. This is an ideal option for making creative portraits with a blurred background. Spot AF only selects a very small focus area in the center, it can also be used combined with the focus-lock function to re-compose after focus confirmation. Finally it has the Target AF mode which was designed to shoot and track moving objects.

This set of smart functions makes the Riva Zoom 140 a very versatile compact camera.

Specifications (from manual):

  • 37.5-140mm lens
  • aperture range f/5.4-11.7
  • 6 elements in 6 groups with an aspherical element
  • Shutter range 10sec. to 1/500sec.
  • finder magnification wide 0,38x and tele 1,35x
  • finder coverage 85%
  • minimum focus distance wide 0,6mtr and tele 0,8mtr.
  • ISO range ISO 25 - 3200
  • metering range EV 3 - 17
  • flash range wide 0,6mtr - 4,6mtr and tele 0,85mtr - 2mtr.
  • takes one CR123A battery
  • size: 111 x 61 x 47 mm
  • weight 195gr, without film and battery


Minolta Riva Zoom 140
images by René Maly (Image rights)