Minolta Auto Meter F

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This page is not to be confused with the Minolta Flash Meter series of meters.

The Minolta Auto Meter series was able to measure flash starting with a revision of the Auto Meter III.

After Minolta exited the photo market, in 1997 Kenko started releasing the final three Minolta meter under their own brand.

Auto Meter III

Auto Meter III is a digital electronic exposure meter. The previous Auto Meter line were Cds meters, with a calculator dial.

Auto Meter III F

The Auto Meter III F is a modified version of the regular Auto Meter III. The primary added feature was the ability to measure flash.


  • Viewfinder 10 degree
  • 40 degree reflected light attachment
  • Flat diffuser
  • Mini Receptor
  • Booster II
  • Spot Mask
  • 4x and 8x spherical ND filter

Auto Meter IV F

The Auto Meter IV F has a new design body, with expanded metering sensitivity.

Auto Meter V F

Auto Meter V F was released in 2002 and is nearly identical to the older Auto Meter IV F.


  • Flat Diffuser
  • 40 degree reflected light attachment
  • Mini Receptor
  • Viewfinder 5 degree


Auto Meter III F Auto Meter IV F Auto Meter V F
Year 1981 1992 2002
Measuring system incident and reflected
Measuring element Silicon Photo Diode
Measuring range incident -2.4 to 19.1 EV -2 to 19.9
Measuring range reflected 1 to 22.5 EV 1.2 to 23.1 EV
Measuring range viewfinder ? vf 5: 2.5 to 24.4 EV
vf 10: 1.2 to 23.1 EV
vf 5: 2.5 to 24.4 EV
ASA 12 to 6400 ASA 3 to 8000 ASA
Shutter 30min to 1/2000 30min to 1/8000
Shutter flash ? 1s to 1/500
Aperture digital: f0.7 to 64
analog: f1 to 45
f1 to 90
EV -5.4 to 28.5 EV -7.8 to 31.5 EV -17 to 40.8 EV
Cine 8 to 128 fps
Power 1× 6v alkaline 4LR44
1× 6v silver oxide 4SR44
1× 6v PX28
1x 1.5v AA / LR6
Dimensions 132 × 69 × 31 147 × 59 × 26
Weight 150g wo batt 125g wo batt