Minolta AF Zoom xi 35-200mm 1:4.5(22)-5.6

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The Minolta AF Zoom xi 35-200mm 1:4.5(22)-5.6 is a varifocal zoom lens for system cameras with Minolta AF bayonet, thus attachable to the autofocus SLR bodies Minolta 7000/5000/9000 and Minolta MS-C1100, to Minolta Dynax/Maxxum/Alpha camera bodies and to the DSLRs of Konica Minolta, as well as to DSLRs and SLT cameras of the Sony α system. Varifocal means that changing the focal length makes refocusing necessary.

Originally it was made for use on the SLR bodies Minolta Dynax 3xi, Minolta Dynax SPxi and Minolta Dynax 5xi which all have a mode in which the motor zoom of an attached Minolta xi zoom lens is automatically controlled by the camera. The activation button of that mode is on the lens barrel. This button has to be pressed while switching on the camera to toggle the zoom mode from automatic zoom to manual zoom or vice versa. When this ASZ(Auto Standby Zoom) mode is activated, the eye-start sensor at the camera's viewfinder triggers the fully automatic zooming of the lens. For manual zooming the rubber-coated zoom ring has to be actuated. In ASZ mode the automatic zoom setting can be overridden that way. The lens's MZ/AZ(manual zoom lock/automatic zoom lock) switch is for locking the actual focal length against accidental zooming. In AZ setting the focal length automatically set by the camera is locked until set manually, or until taking away the camera from the eye.