Minolta AF-DL

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The MINOLTA AF-DL or MINOLTA FREEDOM DL had been one of the early easy-to-use all-automatic compact cameras for 35mm film. The on/off-switch opens and shuts the 2-part lens cover. A red button allows switching the lens from wide-angle focus to standard focus and vice versa. This is the meaning of "DL": dual lens . The camera has automatic film transport, auto-focus with focus hold option (by pushing the shutter release button halfways), and automatic activation of the builtin flash.

Lens: 1:3,5/35mm, switchable to 1:5,6/50mm Autofocus: infrared Films: 35mm films of 100 ASA or 400 ASA film speed Exposure: subject weighted metering, programmed automatic exposure Viewfinder: magnifications changes when lens is switched weight: 275 g without the 4 AAA-thebatteries