Minolta 24 Rapid

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The Minolta 24 Rapid is a rangefinder camera taking square, 24x24mm images on 35mm film in Agfa Rapid cassettes. It was made by Minolta in Japan, and introduced in 1965. This model offered a choice between manual exposure settings and autoexposure controlled by a CdS cell placed inside the lens' filter thread.

Disassembly Notes:
This camera seems to fail in the film advance system. The advance lever turns a plastic gear by engaging a shallow channel in the gear. If the channel is damaged the advance system skips and further damages the channel in the plastic gear. Disassembly to possibly fix the plastic gear is possible, however, ***NOTE that the screw which holds the counter plate on, and the post which the gear ride on are Left hand threaded screw threads. These can be easily broken if you attempt to undo them in a left hand direction. Left hand screws undo clockwise.

  • Lens: Rokkor 32mm f/2.8
  • Shutter: speeds B, 1/30,1/60,1/125, 1/250s