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Matsushima Megane-ten (松島眼鏡店, meaning Matsushima Glasses Shop) was a Japanese distributor active in the mid 1950s and based in Ginza, Tokyo.[1] Its name implies that it was mainly an eyeglasses store, but it also had a photographic department (写真部). In 1955, it was distributing various products of Orion Seiki, including the Mirax reflex housing, Focabell bellows and Supreme lenses, as well as the adapters for Leica screw mount.[2] It was also selling other accessories under the Unik brand, probably not made by Orion.

Unik accessories

  • Prismo pivoting brilliant finder, slipped in the camera's accessory shoe (¥2,800)[2]
  • Snap band, a hand strap attached in the tripod thread[2]


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