Mamiyaflex Automat A

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The Mamiyaflex Automat A is a circa-1949 medium format 6×6 TLR from Mamiya. It had a sophisticated system to advance & stop the film wind automatically, without the need to use a red window. It also has double exposure prevention and a counter that can automatically rest. In this era, Mamiya was using 75mm f/3.5 Zuiko lenses provided by Olympus. It uses a Seikosha Rapid shutter with speed of 1 to 1/500 of a sec and B. It retailed for ¥4500[1].

There were model revisions of the camera known as A II in 1955 as well as AIII one year later in 1956. In 1954, a version of the camera model B was available. It's main difference is a lower price and the in house Sekoru lens.