Mamiya 35 I

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The Mamiya 35-I is a 35mm coupled-rangefinder camera made in the early 50's by the Japanese company Mamiya. It has the same focusing system as the medium-format folding Mamiya Six, whereby the film-plane is moved for focusing, instead of the lens. It has a fixed 50mm f/3.5 Konishiroku Hexar stopping down to f/16, in a Copal shutter with speeds 1 to 1/200 second. There is an odd housing at the bottom of the lens barrel, protecting shutter-to-body linkages. The rangefinder is combined with the viewfinder in the same eyepiece. There is a knurled wheel for focusing, positioned for the right thumb, and a scale in a window at the right end of the top plate, with rather cramped depth-of-field guides. The film feeds from right to left, so the advance knob, with a frame counter, is at the left end of the top plate. The shutter release button is threaded for a Leica-type cable release. There is a cold shoe on the top housing, and a single insulated pin to the top-left of the lens for synchronisation.