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The Makinette 35P is a folding 35mm camera with a coupled rangefinder, of which one or more prototypes were made in Japan in 1981.[1] It was developed under the Plaubel brand, belonging to the Doi group.


The only pictures of the Makinette 35P observed so far are those published in Sugiyama, showing an example belonging to the Doi company in the 1980s.

The camera is an all-black horizontal folder with a coupled rangefinder. It is identified by the name makinette 35P at the front, and the brand name PLAUBEL on the folding bed. The viewfinder and rangefinder protrude at the top, and the front windows are covered by the folding bed when shut. The film is manually advanced by a lever and rewound by a crank.

The shutter is a Seikosha MFC-E of the focal-plane type, an unusual fitting on a fixed-lens rangefinder camera.[2] It is electronically controlled by a TTL exposure meter, presumably offering aperture priority and manual modes.[3] The speeds (B, 1–1000) are selected by a wheel at the top, with the shutter release in the middle.[4] There is a hot shoe above the viewfinder casing, and a few unidentified buttons are visible on the front face, including what is probably an electronic self-timer.

The lens is a Nikkor 38mm f/2 by Nikon. It seems that it is focused by a small ring around the barrel, which looks very thin and is perhaps not very convenient. The aperture ring (from 2 to 22) is placed immediately behind. The example pictured in Sugiyama has lens no.100364 or 100384.


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