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Lucky Film (China Lucky Film Group) is a photosensitive materials manufacturer. It is based in Baoding, China. It was founded in 1958,[1] with the help of the Soviet photographic industry. It's primary products are films including color, black and white and X-ray film. It's stake in the Chinese marketplace eroded with the arrival of both Kodak and Fuji in the late 1980's. It's digital imaging products include inkjet pigment, inkjet photo paper, clear film and lamination type films. It's medical division even produces medical beds, laboratory equipment and operating room equipment used in hospitals.

In 2001, Fujifilm[2] and Eastman Kodak[3] were both looking to invest in Lucky. In 2003, Kodak signed a 20 year joint venture co-operation agreement which contributed US$45 million and provided an emulsion making line for color products along with upgrading their coating lines.[4] Kodak withdrew in 2007, because of increasing growth of digital camera products entering the Chinese market.[5]

In 2011, merges with CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation)[6], with plans diversify and produce aerospace rockets and satellites. In Sept 2012, announced plans to stop production of color film.[7]

In 2017, a new offshoot company Lucky film started a production of Lucky "New" SHD100 was made in 35mm and 4x5.


black and white

  • Lucky SHD100
  • Lucky "New" SHD100 - 2017
  • Lucky SHD400
  • Lucky SHD400CN


  • Lucky Super 100
  • Lucky Super 200
  • Lucky Super 400
  • Lucky Super GBR100
  • Lucky Super GBR200
  • Lucky Super GBR400
  • Lucky Chrome 100CH