Linhof Standard and Technika II

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The Linhof Precision Camera Standard II and Technika II are the standard and advanced versions of a new model of the Linhof Precision Camera, a folding field camera made in various sizes from about 1937 to the 1940s.[1][2][3]

The Standard camera[3] is metal-bodied, with leather covering and triple-extension leather bellows; this has the usual straps to restrain some of the bellows folds when not extended; these straps release themselves when the extra extension is used. The front standard has front rise and shift (manual on the 6x9 camera, geared on larger sizes) and front tilt. The bed can be dropped for use with wide-angle lenses, or to achieve downward tilt. The camera has a rotating back. There is a round bubble level on top of the body, and smaller left-right and front-rear levels on the bed. There is a locking catch on the bed, so that once the focus is set, it may be locked in place. There is a wire-frame finder on the front standard.

The Technika camera also has rear tilt in any direction, and other less important enhancements.[3]

Both models of the camera were made in sizes to accommodate 6x9 cm/2¼x3¼ inch, 9x12 cm/quarter plate, 10x15 cm/4x5 inch, and 13x18 cm/5x7 inch plateholders. Film-packs could also be used, and an adapter was supplied as standard.[3] The cameras were available with several standard lenses; the brochure cited shows one with a Meyer Satz-Plasmat convertible lens, and offers Schneider f/6.8 Angulon wide-angle and f/5.5 Tele-Xenar lenses. Burleigh Brooks offered the camera fitted with a Kalart rangefinder at extra cost.


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