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Leonar was the brand name for cameras and photographic material made by the Leonar-Werke Arndt & Löwengard in Wandsbek near Hamburg, Germany from 1907[1] onwards. Before that it was called Dr. Lüttke & Arndt. In the 1910s the Leonar cameras were equipped with Leonar or Ibso shutters and Leonar Extra Rapid Aplanat or Leonar Doppel-Anastigmat lenses. In 1964 the company was incorporated into the German Agfa AG.


6x9 plate format :

9x12 plate format :

10x15 plate format :

8x14 filmpack format :


  1. Needs a reference
  2. Magazine "Lux" May 1914 article describes this as being a rollfilm camera, needs further investigation