Leica 250 Reporter

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The Leica 250 Reporter is a body variant of the Leica screw mount rangefinder. It was designed to take bulk film by rolls of 10 meters, allowing 250 exposures. The film was charged in special film cassettes (code KOOBF).

Two prototypes Leica 250 DD were made based on the Leica II, s/n 114051 and 114052 according to the first issue of Classic Camera.

The Leica 250 FF was based on the Leica III, with slow speeds, and the Leica 250 GG on the Leica IIIa, with 1/1000 top speed. Most were black but some existed in chrome. Less than 1,000 were made. There were many small variations: some had no slow speeds, some were coupled to a motor drive.

Fake Leica 250 Reporter are known to exist.