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The Konica S II is a 35 mm coupled rangefinder camera with a coupled selenium lightmeter. It was introduced by Konishiroku in 1961,[1] as a modest update of the S. It has a Copal SV shutter,[1] with speeds 1 - 1/500 second, plus 'B', and a Hexanon 48mm f/2 lens. The front barrel of the lens is black finished; on the earlier model it was chromed. There is also a small window added right above the meter cell housing on the front of the camera. Presumably this is to admit additional ambient light within the camera's viewfinder, probably to illuminate the meter scale which is now visible. The viewfinder has automatic parallax-error correction.

Like the earlier and later S models (not to be confused with the Auto S models), the meter often fails or is inaccurate, due to degradation of the selenium cell sensor.


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