Konica MR.70 LX

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The MR.70 LX is a 1987 autofocus camera with two focal lengths by Konica. It is the follow-up to the Konica MR.70.

It has the same 38/70 mm lens as its predecessor, but with new body styling and electronics. The most prominent difference is the LCD display at the right end of the top plate, indicating flash modes, flash range and number of exposures. The flash no longer pops up, and has an auto mode in addition to the plain MR.70's forced flash. A useful addition is the integrated lens barrier, opened by twisting the knurled ring around the lens. A small slider on the front face switches between tele and wide modes, with a motor moving the lens outward into tele mode while inserting several extra elements into the light path. The shutter gains a slower speed for low light situations. Its price upon launch in Japan was a rather high 49 800 yen.


  • Wide angle: 38 mm f/3,2 (4 elements, 3 groups).
  • Tele: 70 mm f/5,8, (8 elements, 6 groups).
  • Shutter: 1/8 – 1/250 s. Electronic self timer.
  • Autofocus, closest range 1,2 m.
  • Built-in flash.
  • DX decoding in full stops.
  • Power: 2 x AA batteries, CR2025 battery for date back.
  • Dimensions and weight: 140x79,5x60 mm, 455 g.