Kodak Star 735

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The Kodak Star 735 is a fixed focus 35mm camera with a Glass lens and plastic body made in Brazil for Kodak. Launched in 1991 with a list price of $74.95 USD.[1] A very similar Kodak 735 was also made in Brazil [2] and a rechargeable version version with charging base station the Kodak Star 735R was launched in 1992 [1].

The camera has automatic motorwind and has DX coding for 100, 200 & 400 ISO. The Camera has a low light LED in the simple viewfinder. However there is no control of shutter or aperture and the flash needs to be manually turned on. Using the flash opens the aperture wider. The lens is protected by a permanent clear cover and a small switch on rear turns on/off and locks shutter.


  • Lens - 35mm 1:4.5 3 element Glass Kodak Ektanar Lens
  • Focus - Fixed
  • Focal Range (non flash) - 4ft (1.2m) to infinity
  • Shutter speed - Fixed 1/100sec
  • Aperture - f/9 and f/4.5 for flash
  • Batteries - 2xAAA
  • Flash Recharge Time - 5 seconds (with fresh batteries)


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