Kodak DCS 400 series

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The Kodak DCS 400 series are DSLR cameras based upon the body of a Nikon N90 (F90) or N90s (F90X). The detachable Nikon film back is replaced by a special digital back from Kodak.

The DCS 460c was introduced in 1995 and uses Kodak's «M6» CCD sensor which measures 28×19mm (1.3× crop). There is only one sensor speed: ISO 80. The sensor provides 3060×2036 pixels (6.2 Mpx). In 1995, the DCS 460 was the highest resolution digital camera available.


DCS 410 DCS 420 DCS 420m DCS 420ir DCS 460 DCS 460m
Body Nikon N90 or Nikon N90S for cameras made after 1994
Format Colour B&W IR Colour B&W
Sensor 9.2 x 13.8 mm 18.4 x 27.6mm
Crop 2.6x 1.3x
Megapixel 1.5 6.2
ISO 100 - 400 200 - 800 80 160
Interface SCSI