Keystone Wizard XF1000

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The Keystone Wizard XF 1000 made in the mid 1970's is one of the few cameras to use Polaroid SX-70 instant film without being manufactured by Polaroid. It was apparently produced without a licensing agreement with the Polaroid Corporation. It was also released by German distributor Porst as the Porst Magic 500.

Compared to the folding SX-70 or the tapered OneStep and Pronto! models, the Keystone looks especially boxy. It uses a plastic 115mm f/8.8 lens. Focusing is done by rotating a ring around the lens using a guess focusing system. Exposures are with an electric eye and can be adjusted by a lighten darken wheel. For flash it uses bulbs via a flash bar socket. A film counter is on the right hand side of the body. A tripod socket is included on the base which also has a quick instructional usage guide.