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Kenko Co., Ltd. or K.K. Kenkō (株式会社ケンコー) is a Japanese company that currently (2006) makes digital cameras and camcorders as well as all sorts of camera accessories, including tripods, filters, conversion lenses, etc. In addition to the Kenko brand, it also owns the brands Tokina, Slik, Daiwa, Lee and Tamrac, and distributes the Cosina products in Japan, including the Voigtländer brand.

The Kenko brand exists since before World War II: an advertisement dated 1941[1] already mentions Kenko products, distributed by Muraue Shōkai. However the origin of the company itself is unknown.


  • Advertisement for the Semi Kreis, published in the March 1941 issue of Shashin Bunka, reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p. 68.