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== Links ==
== Links ==
In Japanese:
* [http://syasinsyuu.cool.ne.jp/camera/syasinki51.jpg Advertisements for the Banzaikin] published in ''[[Shashin Kagaku]]'' January and April 1944, reproduced in the [http://syasinsyuu.cool.ne.jp/camera/syasinki.htm Japanese camera page] of the [http://kyoto.cool.ne.jp/syasinsyuu/index.htm Gochamaze website]
[[Category: Japanese distributors]]
[[Category: Japanese distributors]]

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Kōgasō (光画荘) was a Japanese publisher created around 1939 by a one-time editor of Ars Camera. It published photographic magazines such as Kōga Gekkan, Gekkan Camera, Camera no Tomo and Shashin Kōgyō, and various books on photography and cameras. It became Shashin Kōgyō Shuppansha (写真工業出版社) in 1961, and still exists under that name (2008).

In 1944, Kōgasō was also distributing the Banzaikin 35mm conversion kit for 6×6 TLR cameras, made by an unknown company.[1]