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Kōga Gekkan or Kohga Gekkan (光画月刊[1]) was a rather short-lived monthly Japanese photographic magazine.

Kōga Gekkan was started as a magazine for amateur photographers by a one-time editor of Ars Camera, who had started a new publisher, Kōgasō (光画荘). Its first issue was that for November 1939; its last before the war intensified was that of December 1940, whereupon it was merged with Kogata Camera and Amateur Camera to form Shashin Nihon.

The magazine was revived with a January 1949 issue, but from its January 1955 issue it was renamed Gekkan Camera (月刊カメラ, Gekkan kamera[2]). From its October 1958 issue, the latter was merged within Camera no Tomo (カメラの友, Kamera no tomo[3]); the last issue of this was December 1959.

Kōga Gekkan was unrelated to the earlier (1932–3) and better-known magazine Kōga (光画).


  1. The front cover of the January 1949 issue, shown by Shirayama in Shashin-zasshi no kiseki, has the title with a nonstandard and unusual form of the 画 character, with "_" at the bottom instead of "凵". The title is also written in Roman letters "KOHGA GEKKAN" on the front cover of the September, November and December 1947 issues, visible in this page of the Nikon Kenkyukai. The title means "Photography Monthly" (although kōga is an archaism for "photography").
  2. I.e. "Camera Monthly". It is not known whether this or any other English-language title appeared on or in the magazine.
  3. I.e. "Friends of the Camera". It is not known whether this or any other English-language title appeared on or in the magazine.

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