Jazz 207

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The Jazz 207 is a "focus free" camera with built-in flash which uses 35mm film. It would seem to date from 1996, according to it's internal markings. Its body is typically made of colored, transparent plastic - colors such as strawberry, grape, lime and blueberry. It uses one AA battery to power a built-in flash of no great strength. It has a "panorama" mode in which it exposes only the middle 13×36 mm stripe of the film frame. It has a 27mm "optical" lens using a single element, which may show slight blurring in the corners of the frame.

Identical cameras (with a "27mm Optical Lens" in an oval surround) have been seen with other brandings, for example the Cobra Crystal, Sakar or the Bell and Howell 250; or in other slightly different case styles. Jazz is a brand also seen on many cheap digital cameras, such as the Jazz JDC 9.